Photo: Benjamin Jehne, Steve Thronton Shooting Zingst


SUNBOUNCE is the professional outfitter for the top photographers and all those that demand premium class light enhancers for their shootings. The company, based in Lüneburger Heide (Egestorf near Hamburg), was founded by Wolfgang-Peter Geller in 1999. The photo reporter, advertising, travel and fashion photographer received numerous awards, among others twice winning the World Press Photo Award.

Wolfgang-Peter Geller began his career, while studying law, as a freelancer for the newspaper Hamburger Abendblatt and the magazines STERN and Quick, among others. Subsequently, he worked all over the world for leading publishing houses and as commercial photographer, with his own large photo studio, for agencies and brand companies for example Agfa, Kodak, Zeiss, Polaroid and Bayer.

Wolfgang-Peter Geller first became active as entrepreneur after he had, during a shoot in California, developed a reflector that he later patented; and named CALIFORNIA SUNBOUNCE after its birthplace. The abundance of positive feedback from colleagues encouraged him to produce the system in ever increasing quantities and to market it. Today SUNBOUNCE is Num. 1 worldwide for professional foldable, three-dimensional light enhancers.

For every shooting situation the right accessories

SUNBOUNCE is the first completely foldable light enhancer system for photographers and filmmakers that is light as a feather, collapsible and very compact to transport. Its various components can be combined to handle every lighting situation and impressively extends the natural lighting possibilities for photographers and videographers. With SUNBOUNCE, for the first time ever, the photographer actively controls the sun instead of being controlled by it. No matter what time of the day or night, this system ropes in the existing light and modifies it so cleverly that every shoot is optimally lit. The reflectors, diffusers and light blockers shine through innovative, patented technology, first class workmanship (aluminum frames and the finest fabrics) and light weight as well as their high level of practicality. The SUNBOUNCE™ systems are handmade and manufactured in Lüneburger Heide on the outskirts of Hamburg. From there the worldwide sales and distribution to international distributors and certified trade partners takes place.

Made in Germany – from professional photographers for professional photographers

SUNBOUNCE has for many years been the darling of the world’s best photographers. If one asks why, one always gets the same answer: "The excellent products from SUNBOUNCE more than live up to what they promise." And many add: "One can depend on them 100% - in all respects and even in the most extreme conditions." No wonder really, then the "classic" as well as the latest product innovations were designed by a professional photographer; who during his many travels time after time had to find a way of dealing with the weather and knows how, in all lighting and weather conditions, to 100% meet the customers’ needs.

Dependable functionality and quality whatever the conditions and anytime, anywhere on earth, this is of the highest priority for SUNBOUNCE inventor Wolfgang-Peter Geller. That is why SUNBOUNCE manufactures almost all products using their own team in Germany. On the team are, in addition to the product specialist and service and support employees, around a dozen sewers; some of whom have been with the company for many years.