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The BOUNCE-WALL: The money-making tool for wedding photographers

The BOUNCE-WALL: The money-making tool for wedding photographers

We are all familiar with the situation: You are working a wedding or other event with lots of guests, and you would really like a nice portrait of each person. But one person is half in the shade at the buffet and another is standing by an ugly wall lamp with terrible light. Which means: Every portrait is unsettled. The heads are different sizes. The result is that the bridal couple and the guests look at the pictures, but there is definitely no "wow" effect.

Linda Köhler-Sandring, a photographer from Berlin, solved this problem by using a BOUNCE-WALL with a SUN-MOVER BLACK HOLE to take pictures of all the guests in the same style, with the same lighting.


"It's important to talk to the guest before taking his or her picture. Establish contact. It is great if the guests are all wearing name tags. Then I can address each person by name. I took only one or two pictures of most of the guests. After years of experience, I usually know whether or not the picture is right. Most of the time I do not even need to look at the display. I almost always know: I got it! That was good! And now the best part: Retouching all the pictures took less than five minutes.


Why? After choosing the best of the very few pictures actually taken, 88 portraits were left over. They all had the same exposure and the same black background, and they were all taken without daylight being a factor. And then any guests who are interested can buy a high-quality picture album." Make extra money with the BOUNCE-WALL.



SUNBOUNCE joined Linda Köhler-Sandring at a shooting and documented how she perfectly illuminated and shot 88 wedding guests in exactly 9 minutes and 16 seconds.



You can see the whole film and a detailed explanation of the process by the photographer here: