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SHE DID IT! The photographer Linda Köhler-Sandring set a WORLD RECORD IN SPEED-SHOOTING with the BOUNCE-WALL

SHE DID IT! The photographer Linda Köhler-Sandring set a WORLD RECORD IN SPEED-SHOOTING with the BOUNCE-WALL


888 professional portraits in 7092 seconds

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The photographer Linda Köhler-Sandring set a new BOUNCE-WALL SPEED-SHOOTING WORLD RECORD on Saturday, May 27, 2017 in Zingst:

In only 7092 seconds, the Berlin native took 888 professional portraits outside at the pier in Zingst. Even the weather was worthy of a world record!

Working with her BOUNCE-WALL, Linda pressed the shutter button only once for 78% of the portraits. So for 692 people, there is only a single, top class photo file. Could that be another world record?

Linda ended up with 1129 photo files on her memory card, only 241 or which were additional images of the same person. The NISSIN worked without fail - not a single malfunction. Besides adults and children, five dogs also had their picture taken. Linda had to give up on three other dogs because they were too excited.

In all of the images, the focus is on the left eye of the subject. When a second shot was needed, it was usually not the fault of the photographer. A second picture was needed e.g. when the person closed his/her eyes (about 53 times), when the model had a strange expression, when hair blew on people’s faces or when the number that each participant had to wear in a certain place was not visible in the image.

Linda and her assistant Anja had trouble for a while with the strong sunlight on the pier. Anja had to reposition the SUN-BOUNCER MINI with the BLACK-HOLE fabric for each participant to create optimal shading and a black background for the perfect picture. 

Linda Köhler-Sandring achieved something with the BOUNCE-WALL that no one has been able to do before: Equipped with only the “ABSOLUTE BEST CARDBOARD IN THE WORLD OF PHOTOGRAPHY” and the SUN-BOUNCER MINI BLACK HOLE as a neutral background, Linda photographed over 888 people outside in the briefest of time. The result: an impressive series of perfectly illuminated, professional portrait photos in studio light quality. The light came from the trusty NISSIN detachable flash, providing illumination that was enhanced to masterly studio light by the magical BOUNCE-WALL.

The photographer from Berlin was delighted with her success: "The SUNBOUNCE SPEED-SHOOTING with the magical light enhanced with the BOUNCE-WALL was a significant event for all of us! We didn’t know if we would really be able to do it. It was quite a feat for our whole team and for the Zingst volunteer fire department, who actively and enthusiastically helped us with the project. This makes us even happier that the 888 participants in the world record could take home a beautiful professional portrait.”

TETENAL printed out each portrait on “spectra-jet” photo paper free of charge for each participant as a keepsake and thank-you for participating in the event.

Wolfgang-Peter Geller, owner and CEO of SUNBOUNCE was delighted with the second record set along with Linda: “Our phenomenal world record event commemorating the 10th anniversary of the photo festival in Zingst gave us the chance to prove that a combination of photography skills, good preparation and the proper equipment makes it possible to create professional portraits quickly and without much effort - regardless of the weather and lighting.”

The first record was set at a wedding shoot last year. The wedding and portrait photographer Linda Köhler-Sandring took pictures of 88 guests in exactly nine minutes and 16 seconds using a BOUNCE-WALL.

Despite torrential rain showers and sunshine making it nearly impossible to capture an image, the Linda Köhler-Sandring team achieved two unique and amazing results with the BOUNCE-WALL.

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