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Greg Gorman meets Atelier Jungwirth

Greg Gorman meets Atelier Jungwirth

Sunbounce founder Wolfgang-Peter Geller and Greg have a long history in the business and share a great friendship.

As it happened it was also Greg’s 66th birthday and we couldn’t miss this opportunity to congratulate Greg personally at the Magnothek, in Styria, Austria. Sunbounce’s present was the first ever GOLD REFLECTOR worldwide (the tubes).

The first of the two workshops took place in a gorgeous location near the Slovenian border with 5 stunning models and of course he was bouncing and enhancing the sun with the Sunbounce lighting system.

On the 2nd day the GREG GORMAN workshop, in Styria took place at the Ehrenhausen castle

Greg said: “A breathtaking location right at the boarder to Slovenia. The class is cool and talented.

What you see in this "making of photo" I call the DOUBLE-BOUNCE" if you do not have a light source where you need it: just redirect the sunlight and pic it up from there.”


LIGHT-STEALING: One of Greg’s newly favorite light is NEGATIVE-LIGHTING. The BLACK-HOLE Material steals all the light and does reflect about zero light onto the model.

Modern Fine Art lighting in an ancient castle.


LAST MINUTE LIGHT: When the sun goes down behind a tree or building does not mean the shooting is over. Surprisingly this situation might bring the best light one did not expect during regular hours. Greg said: “The best tools to extend shooting time are the light enhancers.”


When it gets dark under a huge treetop, you have to literally scoop the light where it’s needed. That’s it.

In this case its actually more than 40 steps away. But fear not, the SUNBOUNCER PRO does the job, as you can see clearly below. The separation light comes from a 2nd PRO from the rear.

Unique location, amazing picture thanks to GREG GORMAN and his student Jeronne Jeter from the USA.