Nick Vedros

Portrait Nick Vedros

“I put four sides around an idea.” With a deceptively simple phrase, Nick Vedros sums up three decades of international award-winning photography. Anyone can look through a viewfinder, but there’s nothing simple about Nick’s multi-disciplinary approach for bringing a concept to life:



  • Inspired imagination fueled by ingenuity,
  • State-of-the-art production resources,
  • An innovative studio team of hand-picked professionals, and
  • Attentiveness to client satisfaction which is downright addictive.

In the hands of a photographer driven to make every shot his best, it is simple to understand why Nick’s work garners top honors. His award-winning methodology attracts blue-chip clients and keeps them coming back for more. No one is a stronger proponent for using only the latest state-of-the-art equipment. Yet if you ask Nick, he’ll tell you that technology alone can’t bring an idea to life. It’s imagination that transforms a concept into a memorable visual experience. And it’s the ingenuity of Nick’s “can do” drive that injects even ridiculously challenging concepts with his emotional impact. Nick’s dedication to craft may explain his track record for resolving creative challenges-ingeniously. When a solution is evasive, Nick heads for the open road on one of his motorcycles. Inspiration, Nick will tell you, has been known to hitchhike.

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Shooting by Nick Vedros