Rolando Gomez

Portrait Rolando Gomez

“I really appreciate the quality of light the SUNBOUNCE system brings, along with its durability and usability, and my assistants are tickled pink about the system's compactness, practically weightless and durable features, not to mention one can easily assemble it within in a couple of minutes, practically blindfolded.” Rolando Gomez

Rolando Gomez is a highly published photojournalist who in 1994 was selected by the Department of Defense as one of the "Top Five" military photographers worldwide. Gomez founded the popular website, now visited by over 500,000 people each month. His popularity on the Internet led to his international glamour workshops and the signing of book deals. Gomez has written articles and provided images for, the United States Army, Studio Photography & Design (contributing editor & writer), AOL/Compuserve, Netscape, Playboy Enterprises and many others.

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Shooting by Rolando Gomez