Tim Mantoani

Portrait Tim Mantoani

"Studio or location – there is nothing more suitable for my lifestyle photography than the sunbounce system. When the sun is too high, you can park the SUN-SWATTER right over the top of your subject to keep the sun from coming down on the model. It’s so versatile and lightweight. I just love all of the sunbounce tools!"

For more information about Tim Mantoani, please visit: www.mantoani.com


Tim Mantoani — In Memoriam

One of our original “Awesome Bouncers,” sadly Tim Montoani passed on October 7th, 2016, in San Diego after a long battle with cancer. Mantoani was 47 and left behind his wife Lynn, his son Lucas, his sister Beth, and his parents, Ken and Mary Ann. We encourage donations to the Lucas Mantoani College Fund.

Mantoani was an internationally acclaimed photographer who attended Brooks Photography Institute and at one point in his photographic journey he managed the studio for the late and renowned photographic educator Dean Collins. We will continue to honor Mantoani and we leave you with Mantoani’s own words:

“Every one sees the world differently. Through their own lens. I’m lucky that mine happens to be attached to a camera. To me, that’s the most exciting and rewarding thing about photography and film. Capturing a vision that’s uniquely yours and sharing it.” — Tim Mantoani

Shooting by Tim Mantoani