Florian Wagner

Portrait Florian Wagner

Florian Wagner, was born in 1967 in Garmisch Partenkirchen. For 25 years he is working as a photographer for newspapers just like National Geographic, Stern, Focus and Süddeutsche Zeitung. His work is being focused on helicopter, mountains and horses so it explores wildlife, outdoor sports and the environment.

As a an appointed Leica ambassador, he was producing the movie “The S2 on safari” and Sheikha Alyazia Bint Sultan Al Nahyan noticed him. Later Wagner was his personal photographer until today. Recently Florian Wagner was doing photo and film projects like “Abenteuer Deutschland” in cooperation with Leica and National Geographic. For this book project he was traveling through Germany on a horse. His most recent project was “Abenteuer Irland”. This has been made in cooperation with the TV channel “Spiegel TV Wissen” and the German publisher Knesebeck.  

His pictures are also being shown on international exhibitions – for example in the Leica gallery in Singapore and Milan.


Shooting by Florian Wagner