Harald Kröher

Portrait Harald Kröher

Harald Kröher was born in Pirmasens, Germany in 1955. After graduating from high school, he studied geodesy in Mainz, Germany. Later, the graduate engineer worked at the Technical University in Kaiserslautern as an assistant in the field of architecture in the department of regional and environmental planning.  After completing his artistic education at this university, he turned to photography. He later opened the photo studio "Stileben" in 1997 in Germany.

His main fields of activity are "The individual in all facets from nude portrait to fashion." In this field he especially likes the individual on location – whether in a natural setting on Lanzarote or in the ice of Iceland. What he loves most is the special scenery, because it does not only demand photographic skills of the photographer.

Furthermore, he has been teaching portrait photography for several years at the Design University of Timisoara (Romania). In Germany he has passed along his knowledge to photo-enthusiastic students at many different institutions.

More than 600 workshops, miscellaneous exhibits, a multitude of commercial projects, as well as the artistic management of the Pirmasenser Fototage (most recently in 2014) round off his portfolio. One of his commercial projects is an international portrait calendar.

Today he works as a freelance photographer in Pirmasens and runs a large photo studio in the Reinbergerkomplex, where she creates image brochures, calendars and other products. He supplies photos for catalogs and also works in advertising and creative design.

A crucial part of his work is his workshops, where he shares his wealth of experience with photographers from throughout Europe.  Here the individual ranks first. In 2016 he offered workshops in Iceland, Namibia and seven other countries throughout Europe.

He focuses a part of his work in the realm of individuals with available light photography. The brighteners and shadowers made by Sunbounce are essential particularly in this field. Not only is the light adjustable with the use of various bouncers and special foils, but it always appears natural and integrates well into presentations.

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Shooting by Harald Kröher