Hernan Rodriguez

Portrait Hernan Rodriguez

Hernan Rodriguez is a photographer who focuses on commercial photography and portraiture. He’s internationally well known, because of his inimitable style, which is a mix of art and photography and earned him 25 awards in photography.

“I once was told in the eighth grade, If you ever have a career you would do for free, you know you have reached the right place.”


Hernan: "I come from an Illustration background, mostly portrait painting. Ive seen many of the profiles of the featured Sunbouncers, and in my case, I find your product to be at times my primary light source. Almost like painting with a paint brush. I can use just the edge of the MINI, and paint in the right amount of warm light in only quadrant of the face. Putting the emphasis where I choose so. As you can see in the examples provided, we were out for several hours in broad daylight. No problem. We began shooting early with the sun setting west and strong to the right of our model. In this situation, we used the black side of the sunbounce not only as a gobo, but also to add some depth to our image. The shadows created are just as important. The spill of light that came over the top was then bounced back in as our key light source, creating a dynamic beauty shot, all in natural light. As the light set further throughout the day, in just two minutes, we swithed the setup using the pro in place of our gobo, allowing and diffusing the sun to just the right amount to create another dynamic shot.

The initial capture, with the proper ratios, is the most important element for the extensive work we sometimes do in post . Sunbounce gives us the versatility in accomplishing this task. Not only do we obtain a beautiful Raw image, but we now have the basis for building and "plating" on the image. (Plating is using original captures, and merging them as in one seamless image) As I stated, without the right start, you won't have the right finish. The images provided shows a beauty shot and then taken further in post as a plating job."

Shooting by Hernan Rodriguez