The Frames

During the construction process the SUNBOUNCE designers replaced the common, heavy frames with clever, light-weight 3D-technology. This way, it was possible to reduce the weight of the "PRO frame" - with a size of 130 x 180 cm after all - to only 1,800 g. That means that the PRO possibly weighs less than your professional camera and the surface is nearly firm and even like a mirror.

The 3D (three-dimensional) framework and the exclusive aluminium alloy - both developed by SUNBOUNCE - made it possible to reduce weight where it was not possible before. The synergy of frame stability and screen creates the unique light quality of"THE SUNBOUNCE LIGHTING SYSTEM".

The Light-weight construction provides a consistent light without bumps or dents for 100% controll. Clean, constant light - just as the professional would expect. Light HANDMADE IN GERMANY.

Photo: Benjamin Jehne, Berlin
Photo: Benjamin Jehne, Berlin


The mobile Reflectors


They have an aspect ratio of 4:3. The three -dimensional frame construction is just ultimate. Strong holding and handling grips are part of this unique construction. The SUNBOUNCE-CLASSIC Reflectors are available in four sizes: MICRO-MINI – MINI – PRO – BIG, that is from 60 x 90 cm to 180 x 245 cm (2' x 3' – 8'0" x 5'11")

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The focussable oval Reflectors


The SUN-MOVERs are the perfect light canons and can be recognised by their unique, oval construction and the two integrated focussing handles. The special feature of the SUN- MOVERs is that the reflection area can be adjusted to be CONCAVE or CONVEX using the two focussing handles.
Hence, the SUN-MOVER offers three different light qualities: HARD –NEUTRAL – SOFT. That is unique! The SUN-MOVERs are deliberately only available in one size that is sensible for this construction, but there are different materials for reflection and diffusion.

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The Mobile Diffusors

The hovering, contrast reducing SUN-SWATTER 3D

The SUN-SWATTER 3D creates a shadow that moves with the actors and models. The unique SUN-SWATTER 3D can be recognised immediately because it looks like a giant fly swatter hovering over the models. The SUN-SWATTER 3D is available in three sensible sizes from 90 x 120 cm to 180 x 245 cm (34’ x 47’ to 47’ x 96’).

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Diffusors For Large Sets

The static, square SUN-SCRIMs

They are closed, square frames selected for larger, mainly static objects or installations. They can be equipped with diffusing as well as reflecting SCREENS. They have been used in the film industry for a long time. SUNBOUNCE adapted the construction for most application and made it mobile. They are available in the sizes: 6’ x 6‘ – 8’ x 8‘ – 12‘ x 12‘, that is from ca. 180 to 366 cm squared.

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The Mobile Location-Studio

The special tool for photographers who never leave their studio without their CAGE-STUDIO.

It is used in the jungle, in the savannah and in Antarctica. There are photography projects where you want the same lighting environment all the time – perfectly controllable, just like in your own studio. The same is true for the home, outside on the lawn, at the beach or in a poorly lit town gymnasium. Small, handy, quick to assemble and dismantle, and can be taken on an airplane like golf equipment. This is THE SUN-CAGE. Perfect for the professional.

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The Mobile Flash-Softener

The BOUNCE WALL is the smallest reflector in the SUNBOUNCE LIGHTING SYSTEM. It is unique, always with you and always positioned in the right place for the perfect photograph. The BOUNCE WALL creates lively and professional studio light with all pivotable attachable flash-units. The light of the BOUNCE WALL follows the 45/45 rule, ca. 45 degrees from the side and ca. 45 degrees from the top. From the left or from the right, further forward or further backward - it is your decision.

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The Absolute Profi Tools

Accessories developed by professionals for professionals make the photographer’s job quick, economical and productive.

A wide accessory range for the SUNBOUNCE LIGHTING SYSTEM allows you to arrange your lighting system according to your personal wish - no matter if you are a one man show or part of a large team.

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