Warning about the flammability of all fabrics:

At the end of the manufacturing process, almost all fabrics are initially flammable or can melt and emit gases. Some fabric materials that are made specifically for use in buildings, stages, theatres, fairs or other types of events or film and photo productions, are treated to be flame retardant. The classification of materials according to flammability or according to fire behavior has so far been classified as per DIN 4102 Part 1 in Germany.

Many of our broadcloths meet the requirements of DIN 4102 B1 and are therefore classified as "flame retardant". You will find the corresponding notices in our publications. Other fabrics do not meet these strict requirements, since normally they are not meant to be used with heat or fire sources. Through the use of special retardant chemicals, these fabrics can also be made to meet the requirements of DIN 4102 B1.

Please check your fabric before every use in order to be sure that it is appropriate for the intended use. The rules for fabrics, building and deco materials differ from city to city, state and country. If you are unsure, check with your local fire department. The local fire department is specialized in fire prevention advice and is very knowledgeable about the rules for your region.

SUNBOUNCE in no case gives any assurances as to whether the fabric delivered is approved for your specific purpose in your specific area. Even if the fabric has the DIN4102-B1 certificate, it may be that for your specific purpose, in your specific region it is subject to a local restriction that in this exact case forbids its use.

Please be aware that the guaranteed characteristic "fire retardant" is only good at the time of delivery. With some fabrics the "fire retardant" quality can over time become weaker or completely dissipate. If you have had the fabric for a longer period of time, then please have it appropriately tested. After each wash you must assume that the fire retardant properties have been washed out.