If you want to immediately better your lighting - without wanting to read all of the product instructions - have a look at these tips:

1. THE SUN-BOUNCER - The sun director

We recommend that you start with a SUN-BOUNCER MINI – 90 x 120 cm – with a neutral SILVER material. (Article-Num.: 100-110). The backside of all reflectors is white and creates wonderfully soft, natural light. The light reflected by SILVER is harder and more brilliant. With the size of the MINI you can illuminate wonderful portraits or also accentuate small groups.

But most of all you can change the direction of the light. You are no longer dependent of the position of the sun. You decide the direction and height of the light for yourself. Now you have two light sources and can use the "real sun" as, for example, backlighting. Other than with electric light sources, the reflector always delivers light that is proportionally adjusted to the sunlight. Professional light can be that simple!

2. THE SUN-SWATTER - The shade maker

Secondly we recommend the β€œTHE SUN-SWATTER PRO KIT 2/3” (Article-Num.: 250-255). The material is approx. 130 x 180 cm large and makes even the hardest 12 noon sunlight so soft that it becomes beautiful and photographable. With it you can perfectly partially shade one person or rather a small group in the hard sunshine. The diffusor screen gives you light that is always proportionally adjusted to the sunlight. With the SUN-SWATTER photos very quickly become very professional.

3. TEAM WORK- Shade and sun perfectly combined

Both tools combined are an unbeatable team for dealing with every lighting situation. They can be placed using untrained helpers or utilized with the help of tripods. For the later SUNBOUNCE has a ready stock of sensible, light and robust equipment that you can comfortably take everywhere.