The Material

SUNBOUNCE offers a huge selection of frames and a comprehensive range of wide meter fabrics for the photography and film industry. Furthermore, SUNBOUNCE are specialists in the provision of extra-wide fabrics without seam (up to 500 cm). They are all “MADE in GERMANY”; most materials were even developed exclusively for SUNBOUNCE. All screens SUNBOUNCE manufacture from these fabrics are in perfect harmony with the frame and make the foldable SUNBOUNCE SYSTEM one of the leading brands for professionals. SUNBOUNCE continuously design new colours, structures and patterns so that you get your perfect light, no matter whether it should be “clean” or “dirty”. In addition to clean lifestyle photography, SUNBOUNCE can also help to achieve a naturally “dirty”, vivid light - not just always “clean” or flat. All screens are of excellent quality and are sewn by hand in Germany - a longer life guaranteed. You can always rely on SUNBOUNCE materials.

The moiré effect in photography and videography

» Details

Reflectors and nets - for any application

2/3 Stop Silk (55)

reduces the contrast more than TRANSLUSCENT -1/3rd and makes wonderfully soft light. Good in combination with reflectors.

Colour: WHITE neutral without optical brightener

If sunlight or the light from a spotlight has to be subdued e.g. because it is too hard, this unique diffuser fabric could be your salvation. Similar materials – but with unsightly seams (shadow lines) – have been used successfully for many decades in Hollywood. They are called SILKS there and used to actually be made of silk.

SUNBOUNCE offers this SUNBOUNCE EXCLUSIVE diffuser fabric in a single piece up to 500 cm wide and 50 meters long. This means that transmitted light in this area does not cast a shadow over 250 m². The quality of the fabric complies with DIN 4102 B1 and is difficult to ignite.

Application area:Diffuser/ Soft Reflector
Max. Width seamless:505cm/ 17‘
Fire Protection:

The unique quality is provided by DIN 4102 B1 and flame resistant.

Do not use near fire or heat sources

Color temperature:WHITE neutral without optical brightener.
Character:Softens the light
Structural change:

Reduces the light / shadow contrast can be seen

Shadows are still clearly present

Light output*:-2/3 f-stop
Special feature:Appropriate for all daylight or artificial cold light

*Light cannot be enhanced without a physical loss of light.

How is the loss of light quantified?

At SUNBOUNCE we measure applying the only truly conclusive method: Directly behind the fabric, since the fabric causes a new light source.