The Material

SUNBOUNCE offers a huge selection of frames and a comprehensive range of wide meter fabrics for the photography and film industry. Furthermore, SUNBOUNCE are specialists in the provision of extra-wide fabrics without seam (up to 500 cm). They are all “MADE in GERMANY”; most materials were even developed exclusively for SUNBOUNCE. All screens SUNBOUNCE manufacture from these fabrics are in perfect harmony with the frame and make the foldable SUNBOUNCE SYSTEM one of the leading brands for professionals. SUNBOUNCE continuously design new colours, structures and patterns so that you get your perfect light, no matter whether it should be “clean” or “dirty”. In addition to clean lifestyle photography, SUNBOUNCE can also help to achieve a naturally “dirty”, vivid light - not just always “clean” or flat. All screens are of excellent quality and are sewn by hand in Germany - a longer life guaranteed. You can always rely on SUNBOUNCE materials.

The moiré effect in photography and videography

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Reflectors and nets - for any application


The negative reflector absorbs the light like thick, black velvet. But it is much lighter than velvet and elastic. Good for light reduction.

Colour: BLACK deep matte and strongly light absorbing. The back is BLACK matte.


When the available light plays havoc with your plans and you need to emphasize structures, the overall light quantity can be increased with additional lamps - or you can use the "negative lighting" trick, which eliminates light. True art with the simplest means. Just use the amazing BLACK-HOLE material, named after an imploded star: It does not let any light out.

Application area:Reflector (Negativ) / shading device
Max. Width seamless:Not specified
Fire Protection:Do not use near fire or heat sources
Front Color:Deep BLACK matt through light absorbing optical fibers
Color temperature:Neutral
Character:refuses to reflect light
Structural change:no
Light output*:no
Special feature:Appropriate for all daylight or artificial cold light
Color back:BLACK matt
Color temperature:neutral
Character:little reflected light
Structural change:no
Light output*:low
Special feature:Appropriate for all daylight or artificial cold light