Reflectors and nets - for any application

2/3 Stop Silk (55)

reduces the contrast more than TRANSLUSCENT -1/3rd and makes wonderfully soft light. Good in combination with reflectors.

Colour: WHITE neutral without optical brightener

If sunlight or the light from a spotlight has to be subdued e.g. because it is too hard, this unique diffuser fabric could be your salvation. Similar materials – but with unsightly seams (shadow lines) – have been used successfully for many decades in Hollywood. They are called SILKS there and used to actually be made of silk.

SUNBOUNCE offers this SUNBOUNCE EXCLUSIVE diffuser fabric in a single piece up to 500 cm wide and 50 meters long. This means that transmitted light in this area does not cast a shadow over 250 m². The quality of the fabric complies with DIN 4102 B1 and is difficult to ignite.

Application area:Diffuser/ Soft Reflector
Max. Width seamless:505cm/ 17‘
Fire Protection:

The unique quality is provided by DIN 4102 B1 and flame resistant.

Do not use near fire or heat sources

Color temperature:WHITE neutral without optical brightener.
Character:Softens the light
Structural change:

Reduces the light / shadow contrast can be seen

Shadows are still clearly present

Light output*:-2/3 f-stop
Special feature:Appropriate for all daylight or artificial cold light

*Light cannot be enhanced without a physical loss of light.

How is the loss of light quantified?

At SUNBOUNCE we measure applying the only truly conclusive method: Directly behind the fabric, since the fabric causes a new light source.