Reflectors and nets - for any application

TUSCANY Leaf (157BL1)

On a transparent sheet 157cm wide for the LE-LOUCHE System.

Colour: Neutral white


If you want a leaf pattern on your subject, there are two ways to do it: You can position your set under a tree, or you can bring the tree into the studio or onto the barren beach or meadow using the LE-LOUCHE system. The clear foil with leaves printed on it helps you to create structured light. Depending on the desired effect, objects can be in a single layer or in multiple layers, flat or bunched up - such as to create different shadow focal planes.

An adequate supply of the foil for flat applications is included with the LE-LOUCHE SCREEN. The leaf sheet is an inexpensive accessory that really is a must-have.

Application area:Diffuser to produce structures and shadow
Max. Width seamless:157cm/ 62“
Fire Protection:Do not use near fire or heat sources
Color:Clear transparent
Color temperature:Neutral without optical brighteners
Character:Clear / Black by printing
Structural change:Light blocker for generating light / shade structures.
Light output*:Low. Light loss with LE-LOUCHE TUSCANY. Light reflecting variable depending on the angle of the light source.
Special feature:Important accessories for LE-LOUCHE

* Depending on the distance between the diffuser and the model.

Law of physics: A diffuser acts as an independent light source. The light decreases by square of the distance.

*Light cannot be modified without a physical loss of light.

How is the loss of light quantified?

At SUNBOUNCE we measure applying the only truly conclusive method: Directly behind the fabric, since the fabric causes a new light source.