Reflectors and nets - for any application

WHITE (071)

The NATURAL WHITE material creates a very natural light either as main light source, to reflect the sun or a spotlight onto the models or actors, or as a brightener for the part of the set opposite the sun. Its warm off-white colour is very skin-friendly and models and actors find it easy on the eyes.

Colour: Warm white

SUNBOUNCE offers this SUNBOUNCE EXCLUSIVE fabric in a single piece up to 505 cm wide and 50 meters long. The quality of the fabric complies with DIN 4102 B1 and is difficult to ignite.

Application area:Reflector
Max. Width seamless:505cm/ 17‘
Fire Protection:

The unique quality is provided by DIN 4102 B1 and flame resistant.

Do not use near fire or heat sources

Color temperature:Slightly warm without optical brighteners - felt a little warmer than neutral
Character:Softens the light
Structural change:Provides even, soft light
Light output*:medium
Special feature:The Natural tone for beautiful, soft portraits. Appropriate for all daylight or artificial cold light

* Depending on the distance between the diffuser and the model.

Law of physics: A diffuser acts as an independent light source. The light decreases by square of the distance.