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The WIND-KILLER material is a very special material; especially when it comes to getting the wind under control during photo and film shoots.

Colour: Neutral black


Wind on the set - e.g. during fashion shooting - can be disruptive or even catastrophic. Hair and clothing flutter wildly, making them impossible to capture in an image. Even Steadicam operators have trouble working in the wind. The exclusive SUNBOUNCE WIND-KILLER material, which is stretched on the existing SUNBOUNCE KLASSIK 3-D frame just like a normal SUNBOUNCE SCREEN is the perfect remedy. The grips on the frame and the lightweight design make it easy to maneuver. The material is transparent. So you can see the effect created and adjust as needed.

In the past, wind blockers were plates or impermeable cloths. The disadvantage of this design: The wind caught on the screen has to escape somehow, resulting in undesirable turbulence near the edges, which in turn has a negative impact on the scene.

SUNBOUNCE took a pragmatic approach to solving this issue: It uses a fabric for the WIND-KILLER that allows only 25% of the wind to pass through the screen as a gentle, steady breeze. This residual air flow does not hamper fashion shoots. Even the highly sensitive gimbaled suspension of the Steadicam is not disturbed by the steady current.

The bulk of the wind - 75% of the air flow - is diverted to the edges, where it joins the 25% that passes through the fabric and is smoothed out. Many Steadicam operators and fashion photographers around the world are already enjoying the benefits of the unique SUNBOUNCE WIND-KILLER.

Application area:Wind Tamer
Max. Width seamless:200cm
Do not use near fire or heat sources
Color temperature:neutral
Character:Slows the wind
Structural change:Provides a smooth soft airflow
Light output:no
Special feature:Appropriate for all weather