Reflectors and nets - for any application


The classic of Hollywood film lighting for reduction and softening of sunlight and spotlights. Also known as CINE-NET, BOBBINET or BOBBINETTE. Material: Cotton – Warning: air well, only pack in dried condition!

Colour: Neutral black

The BOBINET is a proven classic consisting of innumerable ultra-fine hexagonal holes that reduce and soften the light without changing the color temperature. It is also used in **double or **triple layers. It is available from SUNBOUNCE in any width up to 610 cm / 20 feet. The material is woven into cotton.


  • If multiple layers are not positioned properly, the result will be an unintentional moiré pattern!
  • Always dry properly to prevent mildew.
Application area:Diffuser
Max. Width seamless:Max. Width seamless
Fire Protection:Do not use near fire or heat sources
Color temperature:Neutral
Character:Softens the light by a fine black mesh structure
Structural change:

Reduces the light / shadow contrast

The network structure is insignificant as a shadow.

Light output*:-1/2 f-stop
Special feature:

Appropriate for all daylight or artificial cold light

  • Can be used as an invisible background darkener in the out-of-focus area.
  • Popular for TV interviews with the stadium in the background or as a magic net in the theater.
  • Back illumination (bright foreground) makes the mesh virtually invisible.
  • Illumination from the front clouds the view of the stage.

* Depending on the distance between the diffuser and the model.

Law of physics: A diffuser acts as an independent light source. The light decreases by square of the distance.

*Light cannot be enhanced without a physical loss of light.

How is the loss of light quantified?

At SUNBOUNCE we measure applying the only truly conclusive method: Directly behind the fabric, since the fabric causes a new light source.