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The professional alternative for BOBINET WHITE. For reduction and softening of sunlight and spotlights. NO MOIRÉ when the layers are doubled. Dries super fast. Does not rot. Material: A very, very fine fibre, almost invisible

Colour: Neutral WHITE without optical brighteners

The exclusive SUNBOUNCE NO-MOIRÉ WHITE is made of an extremely fine (0.5 mm holes) sturdy elastic polyamide fabric, so it dries quickly. The threads are thinner than human hair. In an out-of-focus area it is completely invisible, making it a good choice for darkening a background. It can easily be used as a double layer and is available from SUNBOUNCE in any width up to 610 cm / 20 feet.

Application area:Diffuser
Max. Width seamless:500cm/ 17‘
Fire Protection:Do not use near fire or heat sources
Color temperature:Neutral
CharacterSoftens the light by an extremely fine white mesh structure by 0,5x0,5mm
Structural change:

Reduces the light / shadow contrast

The shadow of the network structure is almost invisible

Light output*:-1/3 f-stop
Special feature:Appropriate for all daylight or artificial cold light

* Depending on the distance between the diffuser and the model.

Law of physics: A diffuser acts as an independent light source. The light decreases by square of the distance.

*Light cannot be enhanced without a physical loss of light.

How is the loss of light quantified?

At SUNBOUNCE we measure applying the only truly conclusive method: Directly behind the fabric, since the fabric causes a new light source.

The moiré effect in photography and videography

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