Reflectors and nets - for any application

GOLD (20)

Gently warm, creates a golden skin complexion. In thick cloud cover, it reduces the blue part of the light and creates a warm skin complexion.

Colour: GOLD. The back is WHITE NEUTRAL.


GOLD should be used only as a last resort, when heavy cloud cover in a winter sky lets through just the blue parts of sunlight and the color is to be matched at specific points (in regard to the model). In sunshine GOLD produces a buttercup effect: It makes skin appear golden. Good for those who like effects.

Application area:Reflector
Max. Width seamless:Not specified
Fire Protection:Do not use near fire or heat sources
Front Color:GOLD
Color temperature:Very hot - reduces the color temperature by about 1.800 Kelvin
Character:Sehr Very direct, but softer than direct sunlight
Structural change:no
Light output*:large
Special feature:Appropriate for all daylight or artificial cold light
Color temperature:neutral
Character:very soft
Structural change:no
Light output*:medium
Special feature:Appropriate for all daylight or artificial cold light

* Depending on the distance between the reflector and the model.

Law of physics: A reflector acts as an independent light source. The light decreases by square of the distance. (At twice the distance, the reflector illuminates about 4x the area – so the amount of light is divided by four.)