Photo: Andre Boeck, Havanna


Why is the SUNBOUNCE-SYSTEM so different!

THE SUNBOUNCE-SYSTEM consists of a patented, three-dimensional, dismountable frame made of the best aluminium. Different screens are available that fit this unique frame perfectly: reflecting, translucent, light-deflecting or light-structuring. You can select from different sizes. The frames are extremely light, robust and fit into a bag with a diameter of 2 to 3 inches (5-8 cm) and a maximum length of approx. 135 cm. The SUNBOUNCE system is an effective lighting tool for every photography situation.


Whatever you want to light, the SUNBOUNCE system provides the professional solution for perfect control of the light. Its compact size makes it easy to take everywhere.

  • Three-dimensional 3-D frame = Extremely robust but light
  • PermaTense™ system = Tightly stretched reflection area
  • Small package = Huge reflector


The SUNBOUNCE PRO frame with an effective area of 2.5 m2 weighs less than 1,800 grams - probably less than your professional camera.


Thanks to the rigidity and stability of the patented PERMA-TENSE™ system and the best aluminium, a precise light can be achieved – without dents and bumps. The frames and elastic screens are perfectly matched with each other.


Another reflector that has become part of the SUNBOUNCE family. The SUN-MOVER may seem familiar to most - but it certainly isn’t. The American and European patent offices even issued a patent for this new SUN-MOVER. The SUN-MOVER boasts an unimagined power that comes from its unique surface that is tightened like a drumhead. It is unique that you can also focus it.